#42 | With Clint Younge

We welcome Clint Younge, trailblazer and pioneer in Canada’s caxnnabis industry. We talk about the legalization process in Canada and about Clint’s personal journey, the struggles of his childhood and dealing with ADHD and addiction to running the MMJ chain of dispensaries, his work for Swiss hemp producer Company X and his new venture: Charlie’s Cannabis Company and Pharmacy. A moving and inspiring story.
As always we cover the main cannabis news stories: the Mexico Supreme Court vote legalizing cannabis, the ban of American sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson for using cannabis, more delays for the Dutch weed experiment and the fantastic new book Weed of Wonder, that will be delivered to every member of the Dutch Parliament. The ‘From the archive’ segment features the 5th issue of High Times magazine, from the summer of 1975 and we round off the show with some Wise Words from Socrates…

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