#67 | Canada Special with Hilary Black

In this Canada special we welcome Hilary Black, founder of the BC Compassion Club, the first medical cannabis dispensary in Canada. Before that she lived in Amsterdam for a while, working at the legendary Positronics, the first growshop in Europe, founded by Potfather Wernard Bruining. She got to know other legends like Old Ed Holloway and Robert C. Clarke, inspiring her to break new ground in Canada. After years of working in the activist community, she switched to the legal industry and accepted a job at Canopy Growth, one of the world’s biggest cannabis companies. She was heavily criticized for this switch, but Hilary is proud of what she was able to achieve at Canopy. This is her first interview since she and her whole team were laid off by Canopy in early 2022. An amazing story, from an amazing lady.    

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